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Mount Tush-more

It’s summer, we all want to look good and feel good but those summer parties can be a real challenge. All that patriotism can wreak havoc on our best intentions. Just in time for summer…

Sung to America the Beautiful

O bountiful with custard pies and weight we tend to gain

For over-salted GMOs* and food that’s never plain

America, America with ever spreading thighs

We mound our plates, we stuff our face

and Love to Super Size

(*Genetically Modified Organisms)


Portion control. Use the attached image for visual cues of standard healthy portions. If you want to enjoy all foods without a predictable weight gain, managing portion size is the key. Avoid serving meals “family style” (large platters of food on the table) in favor of portioning out each person’s food on a plate prior to bringing it to the table using the chart as your guide. Repeatedly doing so will teach everyone how a healthy portion looks so that it becomes ingrained in our minds and therefore automatic. 

When dining out (where the portions are notoriously huge), ask to have half the portion wrapped to go before it’s brought to the table. Not only does that remove the risk of overdoing it at that meal, you also have the benefit of leftovers for another day. 

Picnics and BBQs can derail our best intentions. Make yourself one plate with appropriately sized portions and then walk away from the food. Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful. Keep busy socializing and giving your hosts a hand to keep your mind off second helpings of food. 

Here’s to a wonderful summer!


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